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              Time:2015-09-11 10:51 Author:QiYang Click:

              QWZ15-10E technical parameters  

               ●Enlarged operator cabin, with secure glass, is capacious and bright some.
               ●Working table, water temperature, oil temperature, current, work timing are all in sight.
               ●Famous brand hydraulic components are adopted, two gear oil pump work together, the power is driving and loading and dumping can change freely.
               ●Adjustable seat, convenient and comfortable to use.
               ●Rear and front body, with smell rotary radius, hydraulic steering, comfy and convenient to operate.
               ●Hydraulic traction, the moving arm can leveled skid and expend digging range.
               ●Completely have the all functions of minitype digging machines.
               ●Ascendant performance of complete appliance, with extraordinary oper ation efficiency.
               ●With which many kinds of optional components can be matched to meet requirements of different users.
              Max.Depth 2100mm
              Max.Digging Height 4000mm
              Max.Digging Radius 4500mm
              Max.Dumping Height 3000mm
              Bucket Capacity 0.15m3
              Working Efficiency 20-40m3/h
              Max. Hauling Force 23kn
              Max. Swing Angle of Boom 180°
              Max.Dumping Height 2400mm
              Min. Rotary Radius 3500mm
              Max.Dumping Distance 900mm
              Rated Loading Mass 1000kg
              Lifting Time of Movable Arm 4.5s
              Falling Time of Movable Arm 3s
              Summational Time 10s
              Max. Breakout Force 20kn
              Model 錫柴XiChaiBWG
              Rated Power 39kw
              Rated Revolution 2400r/min
              Working Pressure 20MPa
              Max.Flux 25ml/r/25ml/r
              Total Weight 3700kg
              Gradeability 25%
              Walking Speed ≤20km/h
              Distance Between Axles 1725mm
              Min. Ground Clearance 230mm
              Overall Dimension(L×W×H) 5400×1620×2650mm


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