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                Xuzhou Qi Yang Import & Export Trade Co., Ltd., was established in Xuzhou City, Jiangsu Province, company with a registered capital of 5 million, with overseas issued by the customs import and export rights, long-term foreign trade has full intellectual property rights of coal unloader, grasping sugarcane machine and Chinese Academy of Agricultural Mechanization Sciences jointly developed the excavator, loader, backhoe loaders and other mechanical products. Not only supply the domestic market demand, the product is also exported to dozens of countries and regions. In addition, Xuzhou Qi Yang Import & Export Trade Co., Ltd. in total sales of the company's products to do a good job at the same time, also undertake chemical products, textile products, light industry product process, metals, minerals and chemicals production product, medical health care products, food and clothing import and export business, the contractor import and export of complete sets of equipment, machinery and electronics, instrumentation, transportation vehicles and spare parts import and export business, the contractor joint ventures, cooperative production, feed to feed processing and assembling business.

                Xuzhou Qi Yang Import and export trade Co., Ltd. adhering to the credibility of the supremacy, quality service, mutual benefit, common development concept, through foreign trade, joint ventures, and other ways to expand business areas, and strive to implement enterprise specialization, internationalization, information development strategy. Focus on business, finance, industry, and industry in various regions of the world to establish cooperative relations, and provide professional quality service through international trade ties.
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